HUB Footwear

Founded in 2004, HUB Footwear entered the world of lifestyle sneakers with a hands-on mentality. The story goes that our founder, Huub van Boeckel, went on an adventure across the ocean. The goal was to create high-quality footwear that is wearable for everyday use, with the comfort of a tennis shoe. A great mix, we would say! So that’s what happened. Goal accomplished. HUB Footwear uses carefully selected materials, combined with no-nonsense design. And now here we are. 15 years later. The adventure goes on and on. Being an independent footwear brand with a hands-on mentality. Creating on-trend designs with a special insole to give you that comfort feeling. Still doing what we do best. Creating high-quality lifestyle footwear.

Dutch Design is our attitude! The ability to see things differently to stimulate the creative process. We have an open mind and a good sense of self-mocking humour. We think that Dutch Design does not refer to a nationality. But as a footwear brand from The Netherlands, we embrace the colour orange as a part of our identity.

An important feature on every HUB Footwear sneaker: The Z-Stitch. Our brand logo since 2004. But the Z-Stitch is more than just a logo. It connects different parts of the sneaker. We like to see it as the connection between footwear and lifestyle. Between comfort and trend. Between you and us. And with its distinctive ‘Z’ shape and orange colour, you will always recognize it.

As we told you in the beginning of our story, comfort is really important to us. That’s why we developed an insole with a gel padding that will make sure every step feels like you’re walking on cushions. But that’s not all. The insole has an air flow ventilation system to keep your feet dry and fresh.

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