De Werff Architectuur

De Werff Architectuur loves the city.
We love the people in the city. We like the commotion and the beauty that is the result of it. How do you keep a city liveable? How do you prevent the commotion turning into chaos? That the beauty turns into decay?

We believe in the city as a place where people can develop themselves. As a liveable place that can stand the test of time. Architecture and public space are intrinsically linked. A building can only be a good building if it can fulfil its function in an elegant way. Internally for those who live or work in it. Externally because of the role it plays in its environment.

For us an architect is a specialist with a broad knowledge base; with knowledge of design, construction, technique and liveability. Our clients allow change to happen in the city. They create the conditions, so that we can intervene in the commotion and introduce simplicity. They ensure we can contribute to a liveable city: a city to love.

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